Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Discovery of Fire

Isn't the good news like fire? Isn't hearing it and believing in it a precious, wondrous, life-changing event? It's startling, confusing, exhilarating in the joy of first sight of something we've ever longed for. It gives heat never had, warmth never felt, makes everything taste better. Don't we dance to discover it, hoot and holler over its newness, its blazing, dangerous beauty?

Don't we want to light many more fires with it, touching torches and lanterns and taking them everywhere cold and dark? Don't we want to take this fire and immolate those frozen memorials to flameless promisers of fire? Don't we want to light up the world with this wonderful elemental stuff?

Don't we?


Roberta said...

There is pow'r,pow'r, wonder working pow'r in the blood of the Lamb;

Roberta said...

Speaking of fire and warmth this reminds me of a sermon we heard in Japan. The gal translating for us only got warmth and the warmth of Jesus from the sermon. It made sense because northern Japan is very cold in the winter and they don't have central heating!

Jeff said...

The fire of passion for Jesus is uncontainable. We can't help but love people like Jesus did (being compelled to go beyond our encounter with the Word to encounter people as demonstrated in the Word)!