Friday, May 28, 2010

Next Book News

I am excited to share that my next book, tentatively titled Gospel Wakefulness: Treasuring Christ and Savoring His Power, will be released by Crossway sometime next year.

I'm very happy to be partnering with the great folks at Crossway and am extremely blessed to join their fantastic stable of authors.

In what they call in "the biz" a "two-book deal," they have also asked for my next book after that, which was surprising and encouraging to both my agent and me. Now I gotta make it my biz to figure out what that next book would be. :-)

If you're a reader, thanks for reading. I hope to bless you, and I promise to fixate stubbornly on the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Chris said...

Very excited about your next book. Looking forward to it.

Ben Durbin said...

I have been desiring a great read on living with everyday gospel intention in a non-city/suburban environment. Any suggestions?

Jared said...

Ben, my study guide Abide may fit the bill. :-)
It is about kingdom living in the midst of consumerist culture and began as a message series titled "God vs. Suburbia."

Might also want to check out "Justice in the Burbs" by Will and Lisa Samson.

Also check out, a resource site hosted by Steve McCoy and Joe Thorn.