Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Shall Soon Wake

In which I visit the cemetery across the street from our church.

Sorry I look like the Unabomber in the video.

Untitled from Jared Wilson on Vimeo.


nhe said...

I watch this and now I see why you moved!......the scenery there is beautiful (your church is right out of a Rockwell painting) looks like where a writer would live and reflect. :)

Thanks for sharing those epitaphs - just a really cool Easter encouragement.

salguod said...

Neat stuff. We do letter boxing (a fun family activity, check it out here and more boxes here.) and a lot of boxes are hidden in cemeteries. I see a a lot of things like that and a lot of things that make you wonder about the story of those people. In one we saw a woman and a baby who dies within days of each other about 100 years ago. Same cemetery a whole family, father and 2-3 sons, all dies within a couple years. Heartbreaking stuff.

I often wonder about the stories of the lives of these people.