Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Abide" Releases Today!

Abide, my Bible study on gospel-driven spiritual formation, officially releases today. From the Gospel-Driven Church Department of Shameless Self-Promotion, here is a lame video with me pitching it to you:

"Abide" from Jared Wilson on Vimeo.

Abide is published by Threads Media, and like Experiencing God or Beth Moore's wares, can be purchased in the church resource section of your local LifeWay Christian Store. If you don't have a local LifeWay, you can order the material here. You can also watch a much better produced video at that link or download a free pdf sampler of the study.


David Willy said...


I noticed that Threads bible studies are geared towards young adults and college students. Just wondering if this is the main audience for your Abide study. Although I would like to still be considered a young adult I fear I am moving out of that group. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Jared said...

David, yes, the target audience is young adults 18-30's, typically used in college/young singles church groups. But that is mainly reflective in the packaging, style, etc. The text and questions and what-not are not written as if only to apply to young adults. I did not write it thinking, "What would I say to young adults?" I wrote it thinking "What would I say to Christians immersed in consumer culture?"

Hope that helps. But, yes, the entire aesthetic of the thing is aimed at young folks.

You can take a look at the sampler pdf on the Threads page to get an idea of what it reads/looks like inside the first session on Feeling Scripture.

David Willy said...

Score! I am in. Glad you included 30's, in your description of young adults.

Thanks for clarifying. I look forward to the study.

Andrew said...

Blank pages?!?!? How many blank pages do I have to buy? Also, you said "around $7". Threads is selling it for $8.95. Does this mean I get $1.95 worth of additional blank pages? Looks interesting. Looking forward to buying a copy to evaluate for my discipleship class I am starting in May!

Jared said...

Oops. 9 bucks. Sorry.

Blank pages are free. :-)

Fusion! said...

I have a Lifeway nearby, and for the first time ever, I shall go just for your stuff! Hope that makes you feel good. I feel just a bit off going. Just a bit.

emram said...

I received a copy of Abide at Blogger event this week. I think it is totally unbiblical spirituality if the "Get Rhythm" "Rhythm Practice" is meant to be serious, (Jam. 3.15; Col. 2.20-23). I though I was reading New Age or a yoga manual, "listen to yourself breathe"? Please tell me this is all a joke.

Jared said...

Emram, thanks for sharing your concerns. I appreciate your zeal for sound doctrine.