Saturday, March 20, 2010

Secure, Not Suicidal

When I was in the 6th grade my class was discussing nuclear war, and I said that while I hoped it never happened, I wasn't scared of it happening, because I knew if I died I'd be with Jesus.

The next day I was sent to the counselor, where I learned they were afraid I was suicidal. The counselor quickly learned that I wasn't, but she gave me a book about the struggles of adolescence. (It had talk about how I may be confused and embarrassed about getting boobies, so I suppose the author thought it was only girls who struggled with adolescence. Or the counselor gave me the wrong book.)

The security of the gospel makes no sense to the world. Darkened minds cannot understand the light.

I wasn't suicidal; I was (and am) secure.


The Fatman said...

It has been my experience that even college level religion courses with topics such as "living with death" label students as "morbid" who accept their mortality without fear.

Ken Stoll said...

funny Jared, this morning I was out and about and something pretty close to this came to mind. I was thinking about my own childhood and that of my childrens (when they were a little younger) and what a sham the modern day self-esteem paradigm tends to be... that is, one that is based on the approval of peers and "superiors" and rooted in the values and ideas of society.

If we fail to teach our kids that the approval that matters is God's, we have royally failed our children... because the greater whole will reject them, and ultimately Christ. If Christ's unconditional love and the immeasurable value he has placed on them (and us too) isn't paramount, they will falter if not despair... it's only when they have their security wrapped up in the love of Christ that they can really begin to stand, and even stand alone for Christ in the face of suffering... and even death if need be.

Children who stand strong for Christ and his gospel are assured of their acceptance as his beloved.