Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sabbath Means There's No Room for Improvement

But when this priest had offered for all time one sacrifice for sins, he sat down at the right hand of God. -- Hebrews 10:12

Why'd he sit down? Because the work of salvation was done. "It is finished."

How silly, then, are we when we scrape our meager religion into bowls to present to God as if this collection is needed to make up some perceived difference? As if the work of Christ is a down payment and now we're on the installment plan. The work of salvation is done; the gospel creates sabbath from works righteousness, or should anyway.

When we work as if our salvation or God's approval hinges on what we do, it is like thinking God left something undone in those 6 days of creation. He stopped too soon. The rest came too early.

We don't think that. We don't think we can improve upon God's creation. So why do we think we can improve upon his redemption? Christ is seated because the work lacks for nothing and always will.


Bif said...

Thank you for this, Jared. Just this morning in Psalm 62:7 I read the our salvation rests on God! That is some good gospel right there!

Anonymous said...

Then why does Paul admonish us as he does in Phil 2:12-13 ???

Jared said...

The admonishment of v.12 is connected to the gospel proclamation that precedes it. Jesus Christ IS Lord and Savior . . . THEREFORE (meaning, "based on this") obey as proof of your salvation.

But because Paul is awesome he gives us an added gospel note, sort of bookending the admonition of v.12, with what he says in v.13 -- even our working out of our salvation, even our obedience, is God working in us to will and act. So we don't even take credit for our good works; they are God's works, the fruit of the indwelling Spirit.

There are lots of admonitions and exhortations and commands in Scripture. But they are never b/c the work of salvation is lacking. We don't obey to be saved. We're saved into the ability to obey.

Hope that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jared.