Monday, February 1, 2010

What is a Missional Church?

The Missional Church, Made Simple. A short video explaining the simple premise of the missional church:


What is Missional?
Attractional and Missional
Seeker vs. Missional
What is a Missional Church?: Three Convergent Takes
Jesus' Missional Prayer for the Church


kinleyw said...

Good stuff in the Jared. Scary how many things parallel my thoughts in the past few months. We certainly have moved to invitation = evangelism.

nhe said...

You do have to admit, the attractional "Greatest Event Ever" sounds pretty good......but you can only say that if you booked U2 :)

........the blimp is awesome

Kevin in Manila said...

I'm going to post this over at my blog--nice find!

Clay said...

Just saw this today on Ed Stetzer's blog. Good stuff! Very helpful!

Thanks for your tweets!

dcarlson said...

i like it, but only wonder why this is a discovery!

Anonymous said...

Both models are flawed. Missional in opposition to seeker sensitive is like post-modernism in opposition to modernism.

Reformed=neither seeker sensitive, nor emergent/missional.
Gearing or orienting "Church" for non-believers should not be the overriding priority. The church's mission ought to be missional, but the Church itself should not be designed exclusively for unbelievers.