Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If You Are Despairing of Life, Don't Trust Yourself

I've been reading Richard Sibbes's The Bruised Reed for the last couple of weeks. If you struggle with discouragement and depression, I highly recommend it.

Here is a short passage from my reading this morning:
We must not judge of ourselves always according to present feeling, for in temptations we shall see nothing but smoke of distrustful thoughts. Fire may be raked up in the ashes, though not seen. Life in the winter is hid in the root.

When all you see and feel is bleak and hopeless, do not trust what you see and feel. Do not trust your reasoning.

It sounds trite to say this, I know, but: Hang in there (somehow) and believe (even if you cannot feel) that God loves you and Christ died for you.

Also: Get some help.

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Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

A good friend gave me the book last year as a birthday gift and I have appreciated the book. For such a small book it requires (perhaps like any of the better Puritans) deliberation and revisiting.

You could spend a lot of time reflecting on just the first twelve pages, actually.