Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pray for Pastor Matt Chandler

Please pray. Matt was rushed to the hospital after an apparent seizure which caused him to fall and strike his head.

(via Mark Driscoll)

Matt updates via Twitter: "Thx for the prayers. I have a small mass in my frontal lobe. date w/ the neurosurgeon early next wk. I am His & confident"

The Village Church has updated that Matt is home resting now.

Please continue to pray. Of the guys in the Bible Belt who are most visible, Chandler is probably the most dangerous to powers and principalities.


Baptist Girl said...

Will be praying. I had the same thing about 10 years ago. I was diagnosed with a tumor called meningioma. I had the dye job done and that is when they found it. It is a slow growing tumor and benign. I still have it and it has only grown a little in these past 10 years. I got it X-rayed every year for 3 years and now every other year. So far so good. :) I hope all goes well for you.

Jared said...

Thanks, Baptist Girl. But it's not me; it's Matt Chandler, pastor of The Village Church outside Dallas, TX.

I hope his situation turns out to be like yours, if not better.

I'm sure the Chandler family appreciates your prayers.

prin said...

The drawback of the internet is that we might find people we totally see eye to eye or connect with but never actually get so meet or even speak to directly. I know I'm not the only far away person who feels that way about Matt Chandler. His stories of how he nearly failed the eighth grade because he contested everything and how he just thinks differently than other people connect my heart to his. And when something like this happens, I just want to get into my car and drive the thirty-something hours to be there for him and his family, but he doesn't know me at all. I can't be the friend to him that he's been to me.

But hey, maybe God allowed the internet to happen so we'd realize how important prayer is when we're so helplessly far apart.