Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Give Us a King"

In what way is evangelicalism's prevailing pastoral emphasis -- from church job postings for pastoral positions to the Leadership cottage industry -- like Israel's asking for a king? And in what way is Saul, the king they got, like the pastoral type we most champion?

Is it possible evangelicalism is asking for a king (and getting what it asks for) all the while we should be cultivating within each other a desire for Saul's successor? Namely, a shepherd.

Just thinking aloud here.


Mike Gastin said...

Jared—you're freaking me out, man! I was *just* thinking that same thought yesterday and wondered if that would make a good essay. To answer your question, I think you are on to something here. I don't think the OT account is a one-off issue, but rather a theme: God wants to be our king and His Kingdom supreme. But, the human heart in it's fallen nature wants to follow a man and in so doing settles for worse than less. It allows itself to be brought into a kind of bondage.

Kevin said...

Excellent thought and question. Thanks Jared.

B-U-R-L-Y said...

Re: your out loud thoughts. BOOM.

Brian said...

Namely, a shepherd

Or perhaps even a group of shepherds.

Brian said...

Wait, just realized you may have been talking about Christ when you mentioned "a shepherd". If so, my previous comment probably comes across a little strange. I initially thought you were talking about the type of pastors we need.

Jared said...

No, Brian, you were right the first time. I had "type of pastors" in mind. Your point about "group of shepherds" is a good one and well taken.

Your follow-up is great too. The more we cultivate among ourselves dependence on the Good Shepherd, the less will be our taste for the pastorpreneurial king-types.