Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Double Dose of Ortlund

Today I was just washing the dishes, staring out the window, and I started thinking about Ray Ortlund, Jr., who became a friend and mentor to me in a crucial time in my life and ministry, and I suddenly began weeping. That doesn't happen to me a lot. You know, I'm a pretty sensitive guy, but I don't cry about a . . . well, about a dude. :-)

Ray's blog Christ is Deeper Still has recently become the latest affiliate blog for The Gospel Coalition, of which he is a Council member. TGC's addition of Ray to their stable of bloggers is the best thus far. Few preachers and writers are as gospel-fixated as Ray.

If you're anywhere near the Nashville area -- and even if you're not -- you should absolutely try to get to the Death to Performance Conference being held February 10. Speakers include Ray and my friend Ed Stetzer, as well as Acts 29 President Scott Thomas and Journey Church Franklin Pastor Jamie George. Details here. The intended theme -- gospel-centered missional ministry in the Bible Belt -- is super-important.

My Tribute to Ray Ortlund
Ray Ortlund's Gospel Manifesto

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