Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"If the Lord Has Called You, These Things Will Not Deter nor Dismay You"

Now I want you to remember a few things about the pastorate. Being a pastor today involves more than merely teaching and preaching. You’ll be the comforter of the fatherless and the widow. You’ll counsel constantly with those whose homes and hearts are broken. You’ll have to handle divorce problems and a thousand marital situations. You’ll have to exhort and advise young people involved in sordid and illicit sex, with drugs and violence. You’ll have to visit the hospitals, the shut-ins, the elderly. A mountain of problems will be laid on your shoulders and at your doorstep.

And then there’s the heartache of ministering to a weak and carnal and worldly, apathetic group of professing Christians, very few of whom will be found trustworthy and dependable.

Then there a hundred administrative responsibilities as pastor. You’re the generator and sometimes the janitor. The church will look to you for guidance in building programs, church growth, youth activities, outreach, extra services, etc. You’ll be called upon to arbitrate all kinds of problems. At times you will feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. Many pastors have broken under the strain.

If the Lord has called you, these things will not deter nor dismay you. But I wanted you to know the whole picture. As in all of our Lord’s work there will be a thousand compensations. You’ll see that people trust Christ as Savior and Lord. You’ll see these grow in the knowledge of Christ and his Word. You’ll witness saints enabled by your preaching to face all manner of tests. You’ll see God at work in human lives, and there is no joy comparable to this. Just ask yourself, son, if you are prepared not only to preach and teach, but also to weep over men’s souls, to care for the sick and dying, and to bear the burdens carried today by the saints of God.

That is from a letter written by the Rev. Bill Piper to his son John.

Shared by Justin Taylor on his marking of today, the 30th anniversary of John Piper's call into pastoral ministry.

John Piper's work has had a profound influence on my life and ministry. I am grateful to God for his gift to the Body of Christ.


prin said...

Amen. :)

Kevin in Manila said...

Very encouraging and wise words.

isaiah543 said...

If that's true then I must not be called. For I am deterred and dismayed by not the stuff in the first paragraph, but by the apathetic and the administrative. Must it be this way? Might not we declutter the church of pastor destroying nonsense?