Wednesday, August 26, 2009

When You "Assume" the Gospel, You Adopt Moralistic Deism

Young adults are leaving the church (and many the faith), according to some research, at a rate of 70%.
And it's not because we're not equipping them to refute evolution.

The incomparable Matt Chandler on what happens when our churches assume the gospel:


Dan said...

Wow...this was me...I did this very thing. I'm so grateful for God's redemption.

Rob said...

Thanks for this. Matt Chandler rocks. Jesus rocks more!

MO MOM said...

So true, so what do we do?? I've raised my kids in this kind of church, how do I counter this so they don't walk away and they take on the faith as their own?

Jared said...

Mo Mom, probably depends on how old your kids are. Are they already college age?

Whatever their age, the best things to do are to pray without ceasing and provide good "gospel training" at home. It is easy for me to slide into "works righteousness" in the parenting of my kids, but my aim is to make sure they are parented in grace and are disciplined but understand the gospel.

If they are younger age, and there is time to perhaps do something in relation to church, my attempt at advice can be found in an older post here called "What to Do if Your Pastor Doesn't Preach Jesus."

C. Holland said...

This was my favourite part of this talk, stuck with me since I heard it a few months ago. Praise God for the boldness to tell it like it is.