Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our Father Takes Us to Work

I'm participating in the blog tour for Mark Driscoll's newest book Religion Saves (and Nine Other Misconceptions), so my review will be up next Wednesday, but I wanted to share this quote on the place of evangelism in relation to election because I just thought it was great.
We should evangelize the lost because God has chosen to work through our ministry efforts to save people. He does this so that we would share in his joy and get to know the heart of our Father better. Similarly, when I was a little boy, my dad was a union construction worker who hung sheetrock. I still remember the times when I dressed up like my pop, donning overalls, a white T-shirt, steel-toed boots, and a miniature hard hat, and packed up my lunch box and thermos to go to work with my dad. He would give me a few tasks throughout the day, and by working with my dad I got to know him better and spend time in his world. God is a Father like that. He needs people like me to evangelize the world no more than my dad needed a little boy to build an apartment complex, but he takes his kids to work because he loves them and wants them to be with him doing what he loves.

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Erik said...

Hi Jared.

Was waiting for some new posts from you some days now, and suddenly you put out three - have you been stacking thoughts in your head man?

I like your blog - and find much of interest, and I want to thank you for sharing this qoute with me. I'm on my way for a missionary trip, and one of my lessons will be on our assignment from God, to preach to the lost. I will use this qoute in that lesson. It was actually reminding me of my time as child going to my fathers work, and being a little businessman also...

Thanks - and God bless you, your family and ministry