Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Message Audio: Real Freedom

Here's the audio from my message at Middletown Springs Community Church in Vermont this past Sunday.
The message was called "Real Freedom" and covered John 8:31-36, Galatians 5:1-5, and 2 Corinthians 3:12-18. The main topic is that the message of the gospel is not "Behave!", which is the main message of the church in the culture war, and that freedom in Christ actually includes freedom from the curse of good behavior.

Audio has some rough patches in first 5 minutes but then is fine thereafter.

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Spike said...

Truly awesome and helpful message. I hope you're getting a raise.

My old pastor, who's passed on at too young an age from cancer, had a nice story about the unknown "writing in the sand..." Making sure we knew it was only his speculation; since Jesus got no arguments from the crowd, which was not like a mob of angry antagonists, denial being what it is; there was only one thing he could have been writing in the sand that would shut them up and they'd leave quickly.

Their sins.

Jared said...

I think that's probably right, Spike.

And thanks for the kind words, but I am paid more than enough. :-)