Monday, July 13, 2009

Message Audio: Christ's Finished Work

The audio from my message last Sunday at Kaleo Church is now available. The sermon was on Christ's finished work. (Where else are you gonna get references to both Tim Keller and Jay-Z? :-)

It was great to finally meet Pastor Bill Streger face to face. The people of Kaleo were great and it was an honor to revel in the gospel for them.

I also got to meet Joel Burdeaux, planter and pastor of Basilica in SE Houston, and his family, as well as long-time Thinklings commenter Manders.


Ken Stoll said...

...refreshing to hear the gospel preached with such passion and clarity. Thanks for sharing this, and since I am no longer in Nashville its nice to have a way to hear your preaching--anyone with 30 minutes on their hands and an appreciation for the good old simple and life changing gospel would be encouraged.

Daniel said...

It is always a pleasure to hear you preach. The "my God, my God" verse always bothered me too. Thanks for helping illuminate it.