Friday, June 26, 2009

"Your Jesus is Too Safe" Giveaways are Here!

Books are here and man, I'm itching to give some away.

I will be doing random drawings from the Facebook fan page list and my Twitter followers beginning tomorrow, but I will also try to think of some creative giveaway ideas for blog readers who neither Facebook nor Twitter.

Here's some fine print:

1. I'll use this site to select random Twitter followers.
2. I'll use a random number generator online to select Facebook fans.
3. If you're a blood relative of mine, you can't win.
4. If you're someone I've already given a book to or am going to give a book to, you can't win.
5. If you're not a real person -- this is applicable for Twitter followers -- you can't win. Persons who use their business name as their Twitter user ID are fine; I just have to be able to tell there's a person attached to the account. So "Ford Ranger" cannot win. But John Smith who Twitters as "Coffee Shop Dude" or what-not can.
6. If any of the drawings results in a winner who is not eligible as stated above, I'll just re-run the drawing until I get a valid winner.
7. If you're picked, I'll DM, Facebook message, or email you. Respond in a timely fashion with your preferred shipping address, and the book is yours.

Hope you get a free book!


Courtney said...

i hope i get a free copy!!

Jared said...

Kent, I did not publish your comment so that your address wouldn't be shown on the world wide web. :-)

There is currently no drawing/giveaway going on. But keep an eye on the blog main page. I'll do another one sometime soon.