Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Unauthorized Link of Information

Between home improvement stuff, book stuff, and my other writing obligations, I've been swamped lately and unable to keep up blog-wise. But I can at least direct you to some good posts I've enjoyed and/or been edified by lately.

Len Sweet and Frank Viola's "Jesus Manifesto" is stellar. Its impact is unclear at this point, but it's a clarion call to those with ears to hear. (I may interact with it a bit in a future post here.)

Michael Spencer's thoughts on Day 1 of the SBC. A quotable:
The younger generation SIMPLY ISN’T GOING TO BUY THE OLD SBC MYTHOLOGY. The sooner leaders come to grips with that, the better things will be. It is ridiculous to lecture the audience about Calvinism or throw fits about teetotalism or books in the bookstore. The number of people who care, who are being told by ANY pastor or leader they respect that these things matter, is small and growing smaller.

It is GLBT Pride Week in Toronto. Three posts definitely worth reading:
Challies interviews John Bell, pastor of New City Baptist Church, on his missional evangelism among the GLBT community.
My favorite Canadian-type persons, Darryl Dash and Bill Kinnon, offer some thoughtful entries in the "Bridging the Gap" synchro-blog effort.

Glenn Lucke asks, How does the love of Christ work in and through you in everyday life? What does it look like in your life as the love of Christ compels you?

My new friend Jeremy Rose has come to Nashville to plant an Acts 29 church called The Axis. These two posts reflecting on his first "missional walks" around the Germantown neighborhood (The Axis Church's target community) are inspiring.

Ray Ortlund on boldness.

Trevin Wax is one of the best writers in the Christian blogosphere. (And soon to be in the "real" world, as well, as his first book releases from Crossway next year.) This post on Gospel Confrontation and Gospel Comfort is a good example. Simple, true, incisive.

Justin Taylor helpfully indexes the links to all the message video from the recent Advance Conference. I've heard them all, and I highly recommend the entries from Matt Chandler, Eric Mason, and Ed Stetzer, as well as Mark Driscoll's 2nd message, the one on "Ministry Idolatry."

Happy surfing.

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