Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Making Much of Jesus

In this world we will have trouble. Jesus promised us this.
This means that if it hasn't already, suffering will find you.

As I prepare the final message in Element's God vs. Suburbia series, which began with a passage in Acts 4 and has subsequently proceeded through Colossians 1, I'm reminding myself to awe over the fact that Paul is writing to the church at Colossae from prison, yet he never complains, whines, or throws a pity party. His plight never obscures his position with the Sovereign Maker of heaven and earth, even as he's talking about his suffering.

Instead, he exults in Christ's supremacy and instructs the Colossians to do the same.

In his pain and suffering, Paul chooses to make much of Jesus, not of his pain and suffering.

Compare this to the average Facebook status or Twitter tweet.

Can we make much of Jesus in these new outlets for our whining?


Don said...

While looking at both Facebook and Twitter this morning, I was thinking about how little those who I think would speak of Jesus actually do within that medium. There are some who I follow who use the medium to quite well to speak of Jesus and the things of God. Most, however, do not. The interesting thing is, I see the pastors that I follow wrestling with how to use this new (to them) medium, but the NEVER mention Jesus.

Jared said...

Don, I have noticed that as well.

For what it's worth, however, I wasn't necessarily criticizing using Facebook/Twitter for silliness and frivolity; I use it for those reasons myself quite often.
Was trying to refer to people who are "going through something" and use those narrow portals as outlets for complaining or woe-is-me.

Here's the question, more specific than "What does my Twitter/Facebook say about me?" -- What does my Twitter/Facebook say about the way I respond to trouble and inconvenience and suffering?

Don said...


I should have clarified that your point reminded me about what I was thinking this morning, not that I was questioning the usefulness as well.

You are correct in asking what does say about me or the way that I respond to situations in life.


Jared said...

Don, your original comments were great and on-point. I was only trying to clarify my original point in the case there was confusion.
It's all good, brother.

Blank Slate said...


Awesome; "Paul chooses to make much of Jesus, not of his pain ans suffering."

How I wish I would do that more often in every medium I communicate in. Needless to say I will add that to my prayer list.. "help me Lord to make much of Jesus... always..."

Great post and blog in general.