Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jesus Never Slips Up or Sleeps

“We are always looking inwards and pitying ourselves and being sorry for ourselves, and looking for something to help us. Get rid of that outlook, forget yourself for a moment; the battle is the Lord’s! Salvation is His. It is for the honor of His great and holy Name. But go further and realize that because it is God’s battle this almighty power is being exercised on our behalf even when we do not realize it. Things are being done in this great campaign of which we are not aware. We may perhaps be half-asleep at our post, and we do not realize that the great Captain is planning something with respect to us. We are unconscious of it. We would all be lost were it not for that. He, I say, is exercising this power on our behalf.”

- Martin Lloyd-Jones, The Christian Soldier

Jesus is your advocate always. He always lives to intercede for you.

If the exalted Lord of the universe is for you, who can be against you?

(HT for the Lloyd-Jones quote: OFI)

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