Monday, June 8, 2009

A Head's Up

Following a linkback from my Sitemeter stats, I discovered just now that somebody commented as me -- using my name -- on somebody else's post about the Gary Lamb thing. The comment merely said "Cheap grace" (presumably in response to the blogger's words to Lamb) and then linked to my post on this blog. I was only able to see that because my stats showed the blogger's post; somebody had clicked through to my blog.

That comment was not left by me. (I did leave a comment after that, disavowing the previous comment. I'm guessing the blogger can check the IP or location of the two comments and see that indeed the two comments from "Jared Wilson" came from different places.)

I don't know if someone was being cute or what. But I find it shady. My fear now is that somebody who doesn't like me (or thinks naively they want to "promote" me) is trolling the blogosphere for posts about Gary Lamb and leaving multiple comments as if they were me, linking to my post.

For the record, I have not commented on anyone's post about Gary Lamb (except for the one mentioned, in which I said the previous comment under my name wasn't me). And I won't. If you see a comment by "Jared Wilson" that links to my blog or doesn't on a post about Gary Lamb anywhere else, it isn't me.

If you're the one who's posting under my name, even if you think you're doing so helpfully or innocently, please stop. It's bad form. If you're doing it maliciously, please stop lying, fess up, and let me forgive you personally.

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