Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Advance 09 Messages Available

I knew my gospel-driven tribesmen knew how to hook brothers up with copious multimedia resources.

I just didn't know how quickly!

The first day of the Advance09 Conference ain't even over yet, and the first 3 messages -- from Mark Driscoll, Tyler Jones, and Bryan Chappell -- are already online! (Matt Chandler has also preached today, so I'm sure his will be up soon.)

This speedy generosity almost makes not attending the conference unregrettable. Almost. :-)

(Say what you want about the neoCalvinists, but they know how to be free with their audio.)


Bill Kinnon said...

"This speedy generosity almost makes not attending the conference unregrettable."

And you got a book deal. Sheesh. Becky must have ghost-written the book :-) (Quadruple JN in BHT-speak)

Neo-Calvinists are Kuyperians, n'est-ce pas? Dontcha mean neo-Reformed. And it is pretty dang impressive how fast the audio is put up AND the fact that it's free. Good on them.

Can't wait to hear the iMonk's reportage from Advance09.

Jared said...


Yeah, I guess I mean neoReformed.

I am way ignorant of the labels, even if they apply to me, I guess.

I didn't know the difference between emerging and emergent until it was too late to matter. :-)

Ditto your iMonk comment.

Zack said...

The whole conference is up now:

The last Piper talk will make you want to sell everything and move in with some muslims.