Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Love/Hate Relationship with the Suburbs

That's what I got. (And in fact what I usually hate in and about the suburbs is pretty much what I hate in and about myself.)

Joe Thorn echoes this in a great little post at sub*text:
I was talking with an old friend on the phone yesterday. He’s a pastor in a context that he finds himself at odds with. We went over this for a while, and my encouragement was that as sojourners who have been sent by God to be his gospel witness we will have a love/hate relationship with whatever culture we find ourselves in. Or, at least we should. If we don’t, then we are either missing the brokenness in creation, or the imago dei in the people to whom we have been sent.

I have said all this before, but it bears repeating: I both love and hate the suburbs - and I think this is healthy and necessary. Finding stuff to love and embrace in one’s culture can be difficult, at least for some. Some are so focused on the present evil and corruption that any good has been pushed beyond their peripheral vision. On the other hand some are so in love with (idolize) their culture they ignore all that is wrong with it.

Right now it’s cool to love the city and loathe the suburbs, but I do not believe this reflects the heart of God. I believe God has a love/hate relationship with this culture. My culture. And I’m working hard to maintain that balance in my own heart.

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