Monday, May 4, 2009

From Dead Strangers to Living Friends

I'm tapped out for original blog content right now, so here's another excerpt from my book:
We are saved from many things: sin, Satan, punishment, death. But primarily we are saved from the wrath of God. And we aren’t just passed over for wrath; we are brought in, held close, covered up. We have received reconciliation. This is such a powerful way to talk about salvation, because it moves us beyond self-centered talk of being saved into a personal faith, as if Christianity is about self-improvement, and takes us right into being unified again with God, which posits salvation such as it is -- Jesus the Savior taking dead strangers to God and transforming them into living friends.

This is from the chapter titled "Jesus the Savior."


Alec T. Lichlyter said...

That's a very powerful statement. I have been wrestling with why some preaching is insuffecient (i.e. not preaching the Word as Paul would have Timothy do it) and I think it is because of this neglect of focusing on our salvation from God's wrath. This statement really challenges me to examine my motives for cherishing and proclaiming the gospel.

Randi Jo :) said...

awesome :)