Monday, April 13, 2009

Colbert Owns Ehrman

Yeah, he's a parody, but Stephen Colbert's jousting with renowned Christ-denier Bart Ehrman (who has a new book called Jesus Interrupted) is pretty sweet.

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There are actually some better arguments against Ehrman's errors (for instance, Ehrman is right that "Son of God" wasn't originally a term of divinity; N.T. Wright barks up that tree better than Colbert does with his riposte), but it's still neat to watch Colbert's exaggerated incredulity.

HT: Lots of places, but saw it last at Frank Turk's blog


Anonymous said...

"What's the son of a duck? A duck."

"God is not a fan of puns."

"Jesus is an elephant."


Lyla said...

"Why don't we both die and let God settle it?" I suppose He'll have the final word, will He not? Great clip, thanks for posting.

Philip said...

I actually felt kind of sorry for Ehrman...

I think he preplanned "I am De-Vine and you are de branches". Man did that go over like a lead balloon.

It reminds me of when John Stewart took on CNN. A straight man just can't beat a comedian at his own game.

nhe said...

Is there any definitive word on what Colbert believes? He seems much adversarial to guys like this than he is to guys like NT Wright.

Through the humor, I thought I detected him actually defending his own faith.........and fascinating that he would use the blind men/elephant story (which has long been used to promote religious pluralism) in support of a mono-theistic view.

Jared said...

Apparently Mr. Colbert is Catholic. I've even heard he teaches a Sunday School class.