Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The iMonk's Evangelical Prescience Hits the Big Time

You've probably already seen this, because everyone and their dog has picked up my friend Michael Spencer's The Coming Evangelical Collapse, a condensed version of a previous Internet Monk blog series published as an editorial in the Christian Science Monitor.

It's a must-read, as Drudge, Real Clear Politics, Democratic Underground, Crunchy Con, and others are already discovering.

Wish I had time to interact with it -- because I agree with about 95% of it, and the other 5% I don't so much disagree with so much as I have some further thoughts on -- but I don't.

Congrats, iMonk. And put on a helmet. :-)

1 comment:

Taylor McRae said...

Amen!... and wow. This is some intense, deep stuff and yet all plainly laid out. Congrats to iMonk for informing the masses. :-)