Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stop Complaining About Your Job

I'm not sure I can hear one more person whining about their job right now. With thousands of people out of work and thousands more in danger of losing their job, you likely know somebody who's already been affected by our troubled economy.

If you have a job, you should be thankful. Even if there's an annoying person there, even if they expect you to work harder than you want to, even if it's boring and doesn't make you feel "fulfilled." Grow up.

Next time you're complaining publicly about how lame your job is or how irritating so-and-so is at your job or how you wish you had some other job, think about who might be listening. These days it's highly likely somebody who'd love to have a job is within earshot.

We talked about this at our small group last night, and one of our guys, a hard worker at a local gas and water company put it bluntly but beautifully: "Shut your mouth and get back to work."


Philippians 2:14 and all that.


Jen said...

Ouch. Duly noted. Thanks for the reminder that I've been convicted of lately anyway. =)

Anonymous said...

Can we also add stop complaining about Obama and his administration while he's trying to do the right thing and turn this economy around and be thankful we live in a free nation unlike 90% of the people on this earth? Not sure what Bible verse that's from, but maybe Jared knows.

Jared said...


BrianD said...

Great word, Jared.

ellen stevens said...

Love it! :)

dle said...

Yes, be thankful that you have a job.

But as a Christian, it is also your responsibility to shine light into the darkness, even at work. If your workplace beats people down, then find a way to bring light to that darkness. Don't just let the world's systems run roughshod over you and your fellow co-workers.