Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Gospel is for Everywhere

As a follow up to my last post, though, I should mention I don't mean that the Bible Belt doesn't need new churches. It does. We are in desperate need of a gospel-driven reformation.
What the Bible Belt doesn't need, however, are more of the sort of churches that already dominate the landscape. Where are our Matt Chandlers, our Francis Chans? Why is the Bible Belt so reluctant to let go of new glosses on a formula that doesn't work?

Let's not give up on cultural Christians. Or the suburbs. They need the gospel too.
As Al Mohler writes:
In Mississippi, the challenge is to reach persons who think they are Christians with the reality of the genuine Gospel. In Vermont, reaching a secular population is the main challenge. Both represent important and vital Great Commission challenges.

When it comes to Christian culture, we've got the rest of the nation beat, no doubt. But when it comes to gospel wakefulness, the Bible Belt is just as much a spiritual wasteland as anywhere else.

God bless the guys preaching and teaching gospel A-Z in a culture that thinks they're past the ABC's.

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