Monday, January 12, 2009

Sermon Research Assistance

In a recent blog post, Mark Driscoll gives a shout-out to Docent Research Group and Justin Holcomb for assisting him with some of the research that has been aiding him in sermon prep and book writing. It's a valuable plug for a valuable service.

I've had the privilege of working for Docent and with Justin for quite a while, thanks to my friend Glenn Lucke, Docent's creator and president, and it has been a joy and a privilege helping some of America's most respected pastors prepare to teach their communities the word of God.

Docent provides customized research briefs according to client specs. It's flexible and personal. Short of hiring your own personal research assistant, there is nothing else like it out there.

And using Docent's services helps other people too! Docent's telos is to support holistic inner city ministry. Docent is a not-for-profit and each year, economic meltdown or not, they give their money to the Yellowstone Academy, a inner city Christian private school in Houston. Docent harnesses capitalism (serving pastors and churches) in order to bring the spiritual, social and material aspects of the Kingdom of God to a neighborhood.

If you're a pastor who, like Driscoll and others already using the service, could benefit from having personalized, customized research assistance for your sermon prep, resource development, or book composition, think about giving Glenn a shout at glenn AT docentgroup DOT com.

Also: If you're a seminary student/graduate looking to make some money putting your training and resources to good use, there is an immediate opening for a research assistant. Check this post for details.

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