Monday, January 5, 2009

Kinnon Double-Shot

Bill Kinnon's Top 13.5 Bloggers of 2008 is a great list for those interested in broadening their blogospheric horizons. And I'm not at all mentioning it because Bill named my blog #3. :-) Although he was very kind to do so.

Also at Bill's place I found this interesting (in a sad sort of way) item found on a church website from a Google Alert tracking of the word "missional":
We have made a commitment to being a Missional Church, reaching into the community and inviting people to come and experience what we are doing. We should have "standing room only" Services every Sunday. There should be a buzz in the Community about LVPC and all the wonderful activities available for most people's needs and wishes.

I know there's not exactly a magisterial consensus on what "missional" means, but I think most of us can agree this ain't missional.


gavin richardson said...

haha! that's a huge "BUT" in the missional church. i want to help people BUT they are going to have to find me first. we want people to come hear the good news BUT they will have to enter our doors to hear that. we want to be in relationship with our community BUT that only happens on our property.

btw, congrats on making a top list. i just know you as jared, but guess you are quickly becoming super blogger jared.

co_heir said...

Sure that church is missional. Their mission is to get more people into their church.