Monday, January 5, 2009

An Advanced Warning Re: the Blurring of "Missional" Meaning

Is this fully emerged?

By the way, this is why "missional" can't just mean doing good deeds or social justice.


nhe said...

He lost me when he put "bisexual" and "monogamy" in the same sentence.......I guess that means that the partner would have to be the "Biblically Functioning Trans-gender" he mentions?

Jared said...

Haha. I didn't think of that! Good point.

Randi Jo :) said...

can you tell me how you would define/describe "missional"

'what does missional mean to you'

sounds like a pageant question :)

I hope I'm not bothering you too much. :)

Jared said...

No worries, Randi Jo. :-)

I am not settled on a definition of missional, but generally describe what it looks like and what it doesn't. Don't know if that makes sense.

I think generally speaking, I'd say a missional church is an outward-focused church that asks first "what glorifies God most?" and second "what benefits my neighbor most?" and then only third "what is best for our church?"

The irony is that what glorifies God and benefits our neighbors is what is best for us.

Being missional means thinking of one's self as a missionary to your home, neighborhood, workplace, school, etc. Missions isn't something some people are called to be, it is something every Christian is called to be, in whatever contexts God calls them to.

In this post in particular, I am being snarky about the fact that true "missional" has the gospel at its core, b/c the good news is what Jesus commissioned to preach.

Randi Jo :) said...

OHHH I LOVE that response ---- yes yes yes!! That's what I believe too!

It's like I KNOW these things you say - in my core but I can't get them OUT.

and I'm still so new to all this I am not bold in my belief in it all enough so I get chicken (doubtful - self focused - leaning on myself) and back down when others question what I'm trying to convey.

ahh I love this!!! :) THANK YOU