Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Leading in Different Ways

A money quote from The Missional Leader by Alan Roxburgh and Fred Romanuk:
Today, we give up on congregations that we declare are out of touch with the culture. We run to big, successful places with marquee-name leaders to find out how to be successful. In so doing we are going in exactly the opposite direction from everything we see in the Biblical narratives. We have forgotten that God's future often emerges in the most inauspicious places. If we let our imagination be informed by this realization, it will be obvious that we need to lead in ways that are different from those of a CEO, an entrepreneur, a super leader with a wonderful plan for the congregation's life. Instead, we need leaders with the capacity to cultivate an environment that releases the missional imagination of the people of God.


Don said...

I'm seeing more in more that the relevant Pastors and most church leaders seem to be completely focused on developing leaders. Increasingly, I'm having a hard time accepting that paradigm within the church. Even in the marketplace, everyone is not called to be a leader. Reading the New Testament, I don't see Jesus or Paul making leaders. Instead, they are making disciples. Out of that group of disciples come shepherds.

The focus should be on disciples and shepherds, not leaders.

Anonymous said...

lots of different ways, for sure.