Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jeremy!

Today is my brother Jeremy's birthday. (Thinkling readers probably know him more as Stroke.) He is now officially in his thirties, which kinda freaks me out. He's supposed to be my "little" brother.

A few ways in which my bro is cool:

He's a dedicated and awesome pastor.
He has a heart for the lost.
He has a heart for world missions.
He's the 2nd funniest person I know. (The top spot goes to my 5 year old, Grace.)
He has far outpaced me at remembering obscure movie lines.
He's an entertaining and intelligent writer.
He's single. (That one's for all the lovely ladies in H-town.)
He's the best bro a guy could have and more than that, a great friend.

Dude, I'm sorry for all the times I kicked you in the nards when we were kids.

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Andrew said...

Love you Jeremy! Sorry for all the times I was a brat.