Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Challenging Missional Fruit

That's what Dan Kimball is talking about: small missional churches in comparison to both small and large attractional churches.

The post and the comments are interesting.

I'm no expert. I only offer two thoughts:

a) When can we stop thinking of fruit as "number of recruits"? I love seeing thousands of conversions too. But I love thousands of disciples even more. Some of my thoughts on the measuring of spiritual growth can be found here (there are others scattered across several posts), so I won't belabor repeating them.
Kimball touches on the importance of integration over accumulation, so that's good.

b) The missional conversation may be fairly "old" (although I don't really think it is), but the missional movement is only in the last several years really begun to take root. As my good friend BILL KINNON commenting under Kimball's piece said, I don't think you can expect McChurch type results from a movement that has only just begun.

One of the challenges of missional Christianity in the churched world is getting people used to instant everything to buy in to a long obedience in the same direction. It's a long-term investment, not because what we're doing is ineffective but because the habits, patterns, strongholds we are patiently and lovingly rebelling against have been generations in the making.


Bill Kinnon said...

What? You don't mention me by name anymore? After I said such nice things about you on Drew Marshall's show. :-)

I think Dan swims more in the megachirch works than perhaps he realizes, as I commented at Triple D's. Great post as usual, Jared.

Jared said...

Post edited. :-)

Now I've got to actually listen to that radio show. Is it available online? :-)

Bill Kinnon said...

Indeed it is. Link is in a post on my blog. I'm sitting in a Dr's office waiting for him to "fix" my ears. Gotta love the Canadian medical system. Triple D and I were on with the iMonk. Link's on his blog to and Michael's too. .

Jared said...

Listening to it right now!
Thanks for the head's up.

I'm ashamed I hadn't listened to it before now. I'm a narcissist, I guess.

Good luck with those ears.

Bill Kinnon said...

Now I'm gonna always want BOLD and ALL CAPS when you mention my name.

Jared said...


Now, if you want bold all caps hyperlinked to your blog, you'll need to mention me on a radio show that airs someplace other Canada (aka America's hat).