Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sexy Shmexy

My latest SearchWarp article is a condensed adaptation of one of my recent Element messages:

How to Have Sex to the Glory of God

An excerpt:
Serving each other sexually builds each other up, edifies each other, satisfies each other, protects each other from temptation, and fulfills the romantic longing of love for each other.

When a wife sexually ministers to her husband, he feels respected and comforted and empowered to better love her. When a husband sexually ministers to his wife, she feels cherished and safe and exhilarated.

This marital intimacy is a wonderful picture of reconciliation, which is the goal of God for relationships. Sexual intimacy selflessly shared in the covenant of marriage, then, is a living picture of glorying in the gospel. It is a living picture of the "ministry of reconciliation" the Apostle Paul talks about.

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