Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday is an Appropriate Name

A stock clerk was trampled to death this morning by the crowd eager to get inside a Wal-Mart. Others were injured. One lady who was trampled reportedly lost her unborn child.

Because people want stuff.

We are sick.


Anonymous said...

As horrific as all of the tragedies of war and famine and natural disasters and disease are, I find this to top them all.

Bird said...

From the story:

"Early witness accounts that the woman suffered a miscarriage were unfounded, police said."

The guy dying is bad enough. That's so messed up.

Jared said...

The article has been edited/updated since I first read and posted it. In the original version, there was a quote from someone who said he overheard the paramedics saying they couldn't do anything for the baby, that the lady lost it.

That's why I said "reportedly," b/c I understood that "telephone-style" quotes like that can be spurious.

I'm glad to know that didn't happen.

Like you, though, I still think this is seriously messed up.

Bird said...

Yeah I figured the article had been updated, especially since it said, "Early witness accounts."

All of that for a good deal on a flat screen. Crazy.

Anonymous said...

My heart ached when I heard this story. We are a mess.

Worse, it wasn't about the stuff, but about getting the stuff for less. This man died for a discount.

Anonymous said...

yes we are.

and we are all full of fear and need and sinful desires.

we are no better than these people.

through our own unseen greed every day...people die...children starve.

we all consume things everyday that we do not need, leaving others in the world to die.

we do it. we all do this.

none of us are any better than these people. we are all guilty.

thank God for His amazing Grace.
be joyful in this Grace for us all, that transends above all of this madness of sin of man.

praise be to God! :-)