Friday, October 10, 2008

Matt Chandler: Voice in the Wilderness?

According to the Twitter reacts, Matt Chandler is killing it at the Catalyst Conference right now.

I love me some Matt Chandler. His preaching and ministry has blessed me from afar for many months.

I was actually surprised to see he was scheduled for the Catalyst event. It isn't exactly the kind of crowd I associate with him. He's an Acts 29, younger Gospel Coalition sort of Reformed Baptist continuationist "don't drink the church growth kool-aid" kind of guy; while Catalyst strikes me as more for the nouveau attractional pastorpreneur "go big or go home" sort of crowd. Although I know there's overlap, and we shouldn't stereotype, and Ed Stetzer's there talking missional for goodness' sake, etc.

But looking at the speaker lineup, I just knew Chandler's message was gonna be different from just about everybody else's. And it sounds like it is. (One Twitter reaction describes his message as an ass-kicking.

Can't wait to hear his message. I expect his is a prophetic voice at that conference.


Chris said...

I had forgotten that Matt would be preaching. I tuned out the Cata-lanche of twitter by this afternoon so it took me a while to realize that Matt Chandler was speaking. His messages (particularly his series on Luke) have been used by God to do great things in my life.

Rob said...

I'll be interested to hear that, too--thanks.

BTW, speaking of conferences, are you going to be at the Gospel Coalition conference in Chicago next April? (I haven't gotten my registration in yet--probably tomorrow.)

Jared said...

Rob, I will!

That'll be my first conference. (Well, there was the Willow leadership conference in '96, but I'm not counting that. :-)

Will definitely have to meet up there.

Rob said...

That would be cool. (For some reason, though, the site won't let me register this morning; I'll give it another crack this afternoon, and if it's still pulling this stunt, I'll call them.)

Anonymous said...

Where do you go to hear His sermon from Catalyst?

Jared said...

Anonymous, I don't know. Google probably has the answer.