Saturday, October 11, 2008

GDC Video Blog - Relational Legalism

It's pretty rough, but here is my first stab at video blogging. I'd like to make this a regular feature on the site, but I promise two things. Future installments will be:
1) shorter
2) more polished

In the meantime, see if you think my rambling is worthy of becoming a GDC staple, and let me know what you think in the comments.

Gospel-Driven Church Vlog 1 - Relational Legalism from Jared Wilson on Vimeo.


nhe said...

"freckles like cinnamon nerds"?......was that off the top of your head?......sorry, it made me laugh through about 2 minutes of what followed.

GREAT job though.....Rom 15:8 always comes to mind on this subject - "Accept one as God has accepted you"......I don't know if I can do THAT without (as you said) emptying myself out.......I really can't be in the equation.....if I'm going to relate to others the way God relates to me, I just can't have an agenda.

Bird said...


Josh Cranston said...

Sounds good Jared. Good luck with the vlog.