Monday, October 13, 2008


Most of the high profile bloggers who attended the Catalyst conference blogged and tweeted up a storm about the event, and most of the speakers merited their own posts from bloggers offering commentary on and reaction to the messages.

But mention of Matt Chandler's address is essentially non-existent.

I have heard he was the last speaker of the conference. Maybe most of the big name bloggers had left before he took the stage?


BrianD said...


I got no closer to Catalyst than my blogreader, but by reading all the blog posts and Twitter feeds, I'm guessing that a lot of them were at the airport, if not already home, when Chandler spoke.

That explains his last speech, but not the lack of coverage for his talk at the Catalyst labs earlier in the week.

Jared said...

Brian, thanks. Makes sense.

Why would they cut out early, do you think? Needing to get back to work?

Do you think they would have done so if Andy Stanley or Bill Hybels or someone else was closing out the conference?

Is Chandler a recognized name among the Catalyst crowd?

BrianD said...

Well, Andy Stanley did in fact close out the conference. I tend to think - strictly judging by the twitters and blog posts - that the ones who left early saw the speakers they wanted to, and probably had to get back to their own churches.

I don't think Chandler was a recognized name among the big-name bloggers (Noble, Furtick, Swerve, Stevens, etc.). Stevens tweeted about him twice, and while there was a lot of Twitter posts during and after his talk, they seemed to be by the rank and file. Ben Arment mentioned today that Catalyst regretted not giving him more time to speak.

Jared said...

Good to hear!

BrianD said...

Speaking of hear,

Catalyst is offering the CDs of last week's sessions on its website - just $20 less than an iPod nano costs.

Jared said...

Why don't they freely podcast it like just about every other conference?

BrianD said...