Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Via Pete Wilson's Twitter feed, I found this perspective from former attenders of the church we formerly attended.

What I find interesting is that her family left because "it just wasn't the same."
My family left (essentially) because it was too much the same.

Please be charitable (to both her and her new church), but what do you think of her criteria for church selection?


Don said...

Where's Christ?

Anonymous said...

If I was looking for a church experience I think her thoughts are spot on. If I'm looking for Jesus, not so much.

Bob said...

Relevant sermons, passionate worship, Bible-focused and family oriented with an off-the-charts youth group!

An onsite coffee shop and bookstore would be pluses.

Know of any?

Jared said...

Bob, is that your criteria?

What is an "off the charts" youth group?

Suburban Turmoil said...

The great thing is that I've found Jesus. Now I'm looking for a church that gives me a sense of community, and I wasn't finding that at BCC, although I dearly love some of the people there.

Jared said...

ST, I know what you mean. Was there beginning about 1998 and despite being in and leading small groups, community was not happening.
The weird thing is, the closest we came was in the wake of the train wreck when the associate became the pastor many of us never had.

Although we've also "found Jesus," we left primarily because we missed hearing about him at the worship service.

Bob said...

I was being sarcastic. Doesn't come across well in the written word.

I've been "out of church" for several years now but we've been trying to "get back in" lately.

The things I've missed are singing and praying communally. And not just "contemporary choruses" or extemporaneous prayer. I mean songs with some substance to them and more formalized prayer said as a body. There's a reason we're assembling as a group--so the group should be doing some things together (besides sitting there). I'd also be looking for "think time". A place that either lends itself to reflection and/or allows time for it. You can hear just a few sentences from someone and have enough "material" to chew on for days. Few people get a chance for this and it "leaves room for God" to do some talking to folks not just the preacher-man. I also like the uninterrupted/non-editorialized reading of sections of Scripture. The words are God-breathed, just read 'em and let 'em work. With that, I'd look for a preacher/teacher that treats me like an adult who will be able to understand something deeper than "Jesus loves me this I know/for the Bible tells me so". I'd also look for solid sacramentology. The sacraments have more power to them than just ritualistic symbols--there is a mystery through which they not only signify but also make present the action of God.

Needless to say we've been drawn to liturgical churches...

Jared said...

Bob, I hear ya.
I had an idea you were being sarcastic, but couldn't tell for sure so didn't want to assume. Sorry I didn't pick up on the tone.

I like your list of things you're looking for.

gavin richardson said...

speaking to bob's 'off the charts youth group' i was once told in an interview, we want to have 'the flagship youth program' of said town.. to that i said, i don't know what that means so i probably don't do it. i didn't get a call back.

i think jared, what you mention as nothing changed, and st mentions for leaving bcc is one in the same. community, we experience our faith within community, always have. you guys weren't feeling it, her experience of it was tarnished. it is upsetting that happened to so many people, but i've often said, at its best the church is a family & at its worst the church is a family. and i'd hope people wouldn't call up superficial reasons for choosing a church family, but they do.. problem after that, all the church growth gurus tell you 'this is what you need to do'.. they never tell you, 'you need a community centered on living out as Christ.'

my thoughts