Monday, September 29, 2008


We wrapped up our series "The Supremacy of Christ" at Element last night. This has been a landmark series for me, four weeks in Ephesians chapter 2, because it has really been the essence of the motivation of my life of discipleship and the passion of my theological pursuit over the last several years.

I broke the chapter up into four sections and the messages were titled:
Christ In Us
Christ Over Us
Christ With Us
Christ For Us

Last night in our "Christ For Us" service, we celebrated communion, and before we ate and drank, for the time of prayerful self-examination, I read the complete chapter of Ephesians 2 as a proclamation over our gathered community.
It was deeply moving for me.

Then we had our worship time after, and that's always moving for me, because it functions as a response to the word heard in the message.

I just love proclaiming the gospel of Jesus. If you're a preacher/teacher, don't you?

And I am grateful for folks who receive this proclamation week in and week out with gratitude and joy and a provocation to worship.

We got a response card in our basket at the info table last night that simply said "Awesome!"
That about sums it up for me, also.

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Weekend Fisher said...

I love Ephesians. I probably like Chapter 1 slightly better than Cahpter 2 for awesome material on Christ-centered stuff. Paul's central thesis: all spiritual blessings come in/through Christ, and he proceeds in a very logical way show how every spiritual blessing comes to us only through Christ. Good stuff.

Take care & God bless
Anne / WF