Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Attractional and Missional Worship

My latest SearchWarp piece is up:

Missional and Attractional, Part 7

This one covers different approaches to the weekend worship service.

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DJ | AMDG said...

Nicely done. Very little for me to disagree with. I remember a Campus Crusade weekly meeting back in the 90's that used the Diswalla song, Counting Blue Cars, as part of worship. The thought was that it was "so very contemplative." All I could think was how it was dangerously provocative (God is a "her") and a silly affair of how one guy is trying to get in the pants of the girl he's walking down the street, "Am I very far now?" I seem to recall an interview with JR Richards basically saying as much. I also recall an old but great sermon on tape by Tozer (or Spurgeon, obviously narrated) basically castigating those who participate in worship that isn't focused on God but instead designed to "entertain" and "excite." This tape was recorded in the 60's or 70's, I think. Nothing like what we have today was even envisioned let alone experienced. I can only imagine what Tozer would think if he participated in one of the massive corporal services held each Sunday at some of the "attractional" churches you mention. His focus on The Spirit was eye opening, but I wonder what spirit he would say was being exalted at those kinds of churches that jam to Dishwalla songs and don't even know what the word "hymn" even means.