Thursday, August 14, 2008

Turning Over Tables in the Coffee Shop

My new SearchWarp piece is up:

Subverting Suburbia

It is a greater elaboration on "kingdom rhythms," a subject I've written about before, only this time it is applied to the specific culture of the suburbs.


Daniel said...

Good stuff.

Bill said...


You know I loved this article (I've even posted from it :-) - however, I do have a question: I hear over and over how bad the suburbs are vis a vis living for the Kingdom, and I did find the article to be mucho convicting.

But I am not sure why it's just the suburbs. Are people in the city that much better off? What are your thoughts?

Jared said...

Bill, I'm with ya. The city-folk are not immune from the worldly rhythms. (I'm pretty sure I mentioned something about the city being in pretty much the same boat in my first or second paragraph.)

But I do think the ever-present reminders of the poor and even the less-than-pristine environments make it perhaps a less insulated environment.

I think in any event, though, I am not saying one can't be a healthy disciple in the suburbs, as some are saying. And I'm not saying Christians should leave the suburbs, as others are saying. That's just silliness.

bif said...

This was a totally awesome post, Jared. So was your political post as well. Thanks for the great reads and a begrudging thanks for the convictions. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great article on Subverting Suberbia! I love your tell-it-how-it-is" style (kind of like Dr. Phil, but even better)!

Great points about consumerism, spending time talking to Father, and community.

~Amy :)