Friday, July 18, 2008

The Church Is Not Jesus

This is just weird.

I was reading that (HT: BHT) and thinking, This is weird. I wonder if a whole mess of it just has to do with the blogger not liking Driscoll in general. Because I read the excerpt from Driscoll and think, Yeah. What's so controversial about that?

The whole time I'm perusing the calling out of the man for idolatry of the family, I'm also thinking something everyone even in the comments seems to miss: The Church isn't Jesus.

One of the commenters cites this Scripture: "“Anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me."

Yep. I'd add that anyone who loves the church more than Jesus is not worthy of Jesus.

As far as I understand what Driscoll is saying, and I've heard him preach on this very subject numerous times, what he's saying is that family is more important than his job.

By accusing Driscoll of idolatry based on the excerpt provided, these critics are making the mistake of equating Jesus with his Church. And in doing so, they are indicting themselves. They are being idolatrous. Of the Church.

Loving Jesus means loving His Bride, no question. But loving the Bride more than the Groom is sinful.

This site and many like it talk about the ins and outs and nuts and bolts of the big-C Church and the little-c churches a lot. But it is Jesus we're supposed to worship, Jesus we're supposed to follow. The Church is indeed His design for the spread of the gospel, but if you love the blueprint more than the architect, you will mess a whole lot of things up.

Quite possibly your family.


jagis said...

i think people are silly sometimes :)

the bible clearly lays down the importance of the pastor's and elder's family by listing it in the qualifications of eldership. that would not make sense if they then are to say, "but as soon as you become a pastor, your family should be neglected."

sometimes when people go off like this I just think they secretly need a hug. or maybe I do...

Scott said...

Amen, and I don't use that word lightly. Driscoll has his flaws, but don't we all. However, as a pastor, I totally resonate with what he is saying. If I do not rule (lead, love,etc) my family well, then according to scripture I am not qualified to lead and love the church. End of discussion. My priority is to be to God first (Jesus, The Gospel, etc), my family second, and the ministry third. If I fail to do so, then how can I possibly be the example that scripture explicitly commands of me to be.

It is unfortunate that people have too much time on their hands to point out the speck in others lives, and not enough time to pay attention to the 2x4 in their own. I pray that we have more pastors who will step up to the plate and lead their families well, so that they will in turn lead their churches well.

Emily said...

Great distinction. I was reading that going, " it would honor Jesus to totally screw-up your kids by not giving them attention because you're always at the church giving other people attention?" I think a lot of us have seen the effect this has had and pastors are now trying to do things differently. Thank GOD. And yes, the church is most definitely not Jesus. We're called to sacrifice all for Him, not the Church.

Jeff said...

Yes, the author, Halden, does not like Driscoll in the slightest. He takes shots at him at every turn. (He's a fellow student in seminary with me.)