Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One Offs

A new church opened up in the karate studio about 150 yards from our house. Their sign and their postcard list a website, which I tried to visit for more information, but the url goes to a GoDaddy ad. Wouldn't you get your website squared away (even if just to say Under Construction) before you plastered it over everything?

Watched The Mist last night. It was cheesy and full of failures of logic throughout but still fun up until the awful, irresponsible, shock-for-the-sake-of-shock ending. Don't see it. It sucks.

Here's your sign.

The answer is No, but now the egg has cancer.

85 year old man blind man shoots a hole in one. Meanwhile, you still suck.

The iMonk creates a School of Good Blogging syllabus-type thing and graciously includes yours truly along with some very kind words.

And while we're on the subject of me, I still need work.

Grace says Superman is cooler than Batman. Where did I go wrong?


gene said...

superman cooler than batman? that is just heartbreaking.

if i had bullet-impervious skin and could reverse the rotation of the earth, fighting crime wouldn't be that scary...or hard.

Daniel said...

Sometimes our children need to teach us a thing or two. Grace, of course, is right on this issue.

Also, I HATEHATEHATEHATE web sites that have under construction or aren't up yet when things have been advertised.

Knight's Disciple said...

Well, I hate to break it to you, Jared (and by extent, Daniel), but, yes, Grace is wrong. Your best bet is to start gently exposing her to the undiluted awesome that is the Dark Knight Detective, via various cartoons past an present. If you'd like further advice on show choices, just let me know. ;)

Jared said...

Daniel, for the good of your children, I'm calling CPS.

co_heir said...

About golf: saying my game sucks is so negative. I prefer to say that I get more strokes per round so I really get my money's worth.

Rob said...

Personally, I prefer anything Marvel, but especially Spiderman.

And now you've gotten me curious about the ending. Anywhere I can go to find out what happened?