Monday, April 21, 2008

Hold Steady

I have found as a teacher that clinging to a passion for the message, a burden to share the gospel, and a joy to proclaim Christ is an amazing antidote to the temptation to make feelings contingent upon the quality of the music, the smoothness of the transitions, the size of the crowd, the whatever. When I draw my excitement from Scripture and ground my motivation in an unbearable need to talk about the gospel, I cut off the emotional roller coaster of all the other who/what/when/where.

You can reach burnout rather quickly when ministry fulfillment for you is found in anything other than faithfulness to God's calling.

There are highs and lows to ministry and preaching and leading a worship service, but consciously placing myself in the contours of Scripture does wonders for my ability to be content (and excited) no matter what.


Bif said...

Very wise words for all of us, my brother. Thanks for the reminder.

joe byler said...

exactly what i needed to hear today... as a worship leader, it so easy to get caught up in "good" things, but when it comes down to it, if we're trying to do anything other then lead people to the cross of Jesus and worship His majesty, we are going to burnout...

i'm in the midst of making a few decisions that don't make "career" sense (i.e. moving from a good secure job at a good church to a very insecure, support-based position with a church plant) but feel that this is really where God is leading us. Thanks for the reminder to remain faithful to God's calling rather that working just towards big crowds, big production, great bands, etc.

Steve B. said...

This too spoke directly to my heart. Thanks for the reminder!

Steve Martin said...

Hand over Christ, absolutely free of charge (nothing for the believer to do) and let the chips fall where they may.

You must not blink in the face of the Jesus(+) crowd. They will eventually seek out those places where the preachers are worried about things other than handing Christ over.

Nice post. Thanks.

- Steve M. San Clemente, CA

Even So... said...

Excellent reminder!