Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Vision on Audio

Audio and video from the 2008 Resurgence Conference (Text & Context) is now available online.

I listened to Matt Chandler's "Vision of A Church Planter" yesterday.
It's just undiluted wow. Some great, convicting, piercing, edifying stuff there.

Die to self.
Most of you aren't gonna have thousands in your church.
When we get to heaven we're gonna talk about what He did, not about facilities.
Keep the gospel central or you'll sell out and become a whore.

I wouldn't mind Chandler yelling at me more often.

Listening to Mark Driscoll's "Putting Pastors in their Place" as I type this.
Full-on, passionate, preach-toward-repentance affirmation of preaching.

I think one reason why so many regard sermons as outdated, irrelevant, and ineffective is because hardly anyone preaches like this -- with conviction, with weight, with a palpable sense of how actually transformative God's Word really is.

That's a constant ego check for me as I write. Am I writing and speaking as if the Bible needs me to make it powerful, or am I writing and speaking in such a way that reflects an unmistakable conviction that it is Spirit-empowered already? Do I get out of Scripture's way? (Spurgeon's uncaged lion and all that.) Or do I think its power relies on my well-crafted points?

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