Monday, March 17, 2008

"The Best Leaders Have Learned How to Die"

I think this Friday's Five for Friday will be podcasted sermons, but here's one I have to recommend (again) to you now:

Matt Chandler, "Vision of a Church Planter"

It's from the most recent Resurgence Conference, Text and Context.
It is awesome. If you're not a church planter, don't worry about the title. I'm not a church planter (not really, anyway), and I found it enormously edifying and convicting and profitable and valuable and inspiring and encouraging. If you're in ministry or a leader in your church or merely interested in church and church leadership, you really should listen to it.

Seriously. It's dang good.

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Marc Backes said...


If you think it's good listening to it now, imagine hearing it after you had been deluged with Driscoll, Mahaney, and Piper ALL BEFORE you heard this...

It was even better live..he said some things in that message that I raised my eyebrow at...however,on the all in all, a very good one I agree... bout Piper's 32 convictions message? that one will take a while to digest my friend...