Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Book Update / Prayer Request

I'm so vain, I definitely think this post is about me.

My book The Unvarnished Jesus is currently in the review/prep process with my agent. If you think about it, would you mind saying a prayer that its making the rounds with publishers produces fruit?

I noticed for the first time this week that I'm listed (with a link to the blog) in the agency's roster of authors. Not sure how long my name's been in there, but for a couple of years it was not. I always just assumed that was because I wasn't a bona fide author (ie. I don't have a book deal). I still don't have a book deal, but now there's my name listed among those who do.
I'll take the encouragement any way I can. :-)

1 comment:

Chris said...

Jared, I prayed today that your efforts would produce fruit. I was where you are a little over a year ago.

. . . I pray that this will not be just "clouds in your coffee."