Monday, March 3, 2008

Abraham Linkin'

The weather here in middle Tennessee is downright bipolar. Cold one day, warm the next. It's 70 degrees out there right now. S'posed to get back down to thirty something with possible snow tomorrow. Maybe Mother Nature is going through menopause.

While you wait out the heat and/or blizzard, here are some quality links to get your week started off right . . .

The iMonk with a doozy on Humiliation, Humanity, and the Fifth Commandment.
Some good stuff there. I'm of a "yes, but" mind, generally speaking, on this kind of stuff. I think, on the one hand, that the church's deficiency in transparency has stifled real community. On the other hand, I think there is a line between authenticity and immodesty (or whining) and many, many "authentic" Christians cross it.

Abraham Piper shares his notes from Matt Chandler's session on Preaching into Evangelicalism at the Resurgence Conference. Great, great stuff. Will excerpt something in a separate post soon.

You can get the ESV on your iPhone. (The NET Bible too.)

The 12 Most Powerful Christians in Hollywood?
My question: What exactly does "powerful" mean? Most popular? Most respected? Most able to impact people for the gospel? And where's Gary Busey? :-)

Al Hsu on ministering to transient cultures.
Focus is on suburban ministry to "relos" (people moved by their companies every few years), but if you do young adult ministry, which has a high turnover rate due to life transitions, schools, etc., this should be of interest to you too.

The 9 Marks guys at Church Matters have been discussing social justice lately.

The Gospel and the Gay Guy in the Basement
(HT: Vitamin Z)

Happy surfing!

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